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On Thursday, TEDxYOUTHBBS speakers and committee members were given the spectacular opportunity to be a part of the Injaz Workshop, which took place at the BBS theatre. During the Injaz Workshop, TEDx speakers learned how to develop body language and encapsulate their passion in their speeches as well as editing their speeches to focus on a target audience. Several activities occurred during the workshop, including the “Tell Us A Story” & the hosts giving speeches. The hosts gave us a speech regarding their prior experiences and asked a number of the TEDx speakers question to understand how their speeches are going and involved our TEDx speakers in a number of activities such as giving impromptu speeches and displaying body language. The activity “Tell Us A Story” is when several groups of TEDx speakers created several stories in 30 minutes and told their stories to the audience, developing their public speaking skills and battling their stage fright. Lastly, all our speakers did breathing exercises to relax themselves after their speeches.

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